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Introducing My Parents To My Boyfriend Meant Introducing Them To Me

It's one thing to know your son is gay — it's another to see the proof.


Kate Hudson Kept Me In The Closet

As a gay preteen, I longed for the escape from reality that romantic comedies offered. But how can you escape to a place where you don’t exist?



How Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance Helped Me as a Gay Teen

The bands I worshiped in high school were fronted by gender-bending, guyliner-wearing, homoerotic antidotes to the American jock, and the music that helped me fit in would eventually help me come out as gay.



The Best Thing We Ate for Under $10 This Week

Budapest Cafe's $9.95 Hungarian Crepes


The Best Breakfast Sandwiches in Boston, Ranked

Boston’s breakfast sandwiches are damn good any day of the week, even when you’re not dehydrated and fuzzily decoding last night’s texts.


My Only Straight Crush Assaulted a Gay Couple

This is what happens when a girl you once admired commits a hate crime in Philadelphia. 


The Best LGBT Movies to Stream on Netflix Right Now

It's not just Rent: Netflix has so many funny, tragic, and touching movies available to stream in the "Gay and Lesbian" category.


Everything Straight People Don't Realize About Gay Sex

Gay sex positions aren't all that different from hetero bedroom moves.


The 12 Best Tastykakes, Ranked

If you grew up in Greater Philadelphia, there's no doubt you have a favorite Tastykake treat.


The Best Thing We Ate for Under $10 This Week

$4.75 Filipino Tacos from Swell Dive


The Toast

No, We Won't Sandwich the Bride

When my boyfriend and I receive unsolicited comments in public, it's belittling — even when we're called "cute."

Picked up by Refinery29.



Charlie McDowell Wants to Show You the Afterlife

Acclaimed “The One I Love” director Charlie McDowell chats with Backstage about his latest sci-fi romance for Netflix, “The Discovery,” casting against type, and how Robert Redford made his mother cry.


Boston magazine

"Signs You Have the Post-Election Blues"

Maybe seek medical attention, but probably just re-watch The West Wing.


"Signs Country Music is Rising in Boston"

Yes, that's 'signs,' plural.


"A Bird, a Plane... Men Jumping Off the ICA?"

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series returns to Boston on Saturday.


"One Man's Receipt Is Another Man's Treasure"

A Cambridge-based startup seeks to revolutionize in-store payment.


"Guide to Summer Concerts in Boston"

Tickets are still available for these 12 concerts. What are you waiting for?


"Tom Brady Plays for New England, Therefore He’s Matt Damon"

In this hilarious new video, Funny or Die tackles the Boston stereotype via our QB.


BU Today

"COM's PRLab Celebrates 35th Anniversary"

Prepping students for the real world


"Nightlife: Drink"

Celebrating the art of the craft cocktail


"Finding the Beauty in the BU Bridge"

Photographer’s yearlong project captures bridge in all its moods


"Say Good-bye to Stress"

Student Health Services launches new prevention program


"Sweat, Blood, and Rock & Roll"

Anchors Away performs at tomorrow’s Sigma Alpha Mu Carnival


"Dead Man Walking Author Speaks Tonight"

Sister Helen Prejean will discuss the death penalty